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Tips for Teaching Your FabKid to Ride a Bike!

February 22, 2016
how to, bike, bicycle, teaching, kids, fabkids, rideabike, bike ride, family fun, spring activities, kids activities

how to, bike, bicycle, teaching, kids, fabkids, ride a bike, bike ride, family fun, spring activities, family activities, kids activities

Bike rides are one of our favorite warm weather activities!  We love getting the family together and taking a ride to the playground or for our favorite healthy snack.   If one of your FabKids hasn’t learned to ride a bike yet keep reading for our tips and tricks for teaching them to ride with ease.  And make sure that all your little ones can join in the fun this spring!

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Style, Style Guide

How To: Wear Fab Prints this February!

February 19, 2016
fabkids, kidsclothes, howto, prints, patterns, februaryfashion, kidsfashion, springfashion

fabkids, kidsclothes, howto, prints, patterns, february, fashion, kidsfashion, springfashio

Whether it’s a brilliant boho or a fabulous floral, prints and patterns are so in for February!  And as any little fashionista knows finding the perfect way to style your favorite prints can be difficult, so we’ve put together our top six tips for the best ways to sport all her most playful prints!

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Activities, Food & Fun

Tea Time with FabKids!

February 17, 2016
fabkids, tea party, tea time, spring style, spring party, kids party, activities, family fun

From Groundhog’s Day to Leap Day, February has been full of reasons to have a little extra fun! And there is no SWEETER way to celebrate with your FabGirl  than by throwing a Tea Party!  So this month we’ve put together your Fab Guide to the perfect tea time. From the food to the decorations,  we’ve got you covered!

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Food & Fun

Fun Family Activity– Baking!

January 13, 2016

With all of the work events, kids parties and family get togethers that swamped us during the holiday season, having some quality time with your kiddos and creating the perfect treat is a great way to keep the kids occupied this winter (while also making a yummy snack for them and their friends)! Continue Reading…

Mommy Diaries

How I Stay Fit – A Mom’s Guide To Healthy Living Part I

January 4, 2016

Every New Year, I made the resolution to get fit + stick to a consistent work out routine. I used to spend an hour at the gym, but as soon as I had my 2nd child, that time (and energy) went out the door. My free time was spent working-out and then working. I soon replaced my gym membership with a treadmill, and then replaced that with online workouts and programs that required even less time to achieve desired results. When my 2nd daughter was almost 2 years old, I hit a roadblock. I was beyond frustrated that I couldn’t lose the weight (I dropped it all and then some after my 1st born) and decided to hire a friend who is a fitness and nutrition expert to help set me on the right track. She said that you only need about 20 minutes of high-intensity exercise to achieve results. It was such a relief to hear from an actual professional that I didn’t have to dread spending an hour working out to get back to my pre-baby form.

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Trend Report

NYE Style — Sparkle + Shine!

December 30, 2015
nye style, glitter paper, girls fashion, kids fashion, fabkids, new years eve trends,

Happy New Year’s Eve! ✨ Time to Sparkle, Shine + enjoy family traditions with your FabKid! Whether it is attending a New Year’s Eve party or watching the ball drop in the comfort of your own home, NYE is always a fun night filled with excitement and good times! To celebrate, we are rounding up our NYE inspired favorites that will make your FabKid feel like a super star year round! ? Continue Reading…