Traveling with Kids: Planning

June 19, 2017

Molly Bellar is the VP of Creative and Marketing here at FabKids, and for part of last year she traveled the world with her family, including two kids in tow! They packed up and hit the road for six months, taking planes, trains, automobiles and more around Europe, Australia and New Zealand. 

This week on the blog we’ll be sharing tips from Molly about traveling with kids, to accompany our Summer Road Trip series taking place over on FabKids’ Instagram Stories. Molly says:

They say anticipation is half the fun, so get your kids involved during the planning phase!

  • Picking the destination. If you have flexibility on where to take the family, get the kids involved by compiling a list of places together, writing them on slips of paper and picking them out of a hat. You can even print a map and color in the destinations you all agree upon and have them “pin the tail on the vacation.” Either way, having the kids involved will build up excitement and you’ll still be able to have say in the outcome so the destination is within reason. Even if you’re going on an annual trip to see the family in the same city you visit every year, you can plan a day-trip to one of the nearby towns using the same type of process to keep things fresh and exciting.  
  • Adventure time! Once a bulk of the planning is underway and big ticket purchases are complete, tell the kids you’re going on an ADVENTURE. Not a trip, not a vacation, but an ADVENTURE. This will help them understand what you’re going to do, spark imagination and get them really excited to explore.
  • Explorers of the World! Come up with your plan as far as cities and sites that are must-sees early on, and then ask your kids what they want to explore. When we were planning our ‘adventure,’ my son Charlie said he wanted to see lots of animals so we planned that for our second half of the trip in Australia and New Zealand. Lucy, being three, didn’t really understand everything, but we got her excited about the idea of seeing new lands.

Happy planning! Come back tomorrow for tips and tricks about packing with kids.

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