Traveling with Kids: Packing

June 20, 2017

Molly Bellar is the VP of Creative and Marketing here at FabKids, and for part of last year she traveled the world with her family, including two kids in tow! They packed up and hit the road for six months, taking planes, trains, automobiles and more around Europe, Australia and New Zealand. This week on the blog we’ll be sharing tips from Molly about traveling with kids, to accompany our Summer Road Trip series taking place over on FabKids’ Instagram Stories.

Molly says:

Packing for a family of four may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be!

  • The Big Stuff. You know your family best, so think about the number of items to get you through the length of your trip and go for it. For our trip around the world we only brought two big suitcases with us; one was devoted to clothes and the other to household items (see “Bags, bags, bags” below). It’s funny, to pack for 6 months is really the same as packing for a week – especially if you’re traveling in summer when you don’t need as many layers. I’m so proud of the fact I fit the entire family into 1 suitcase!

  • Fashion: The Kids Have a Say. Kids can be funny about what they wear, especially if they’re attached to that one favorite tee they can’t let go of. I let my kids pick out dresses, bathing suits and shoes and then helped round it out. That way they weren’t caught off guard by what they’d be living in for the next six months.
  • Teaching Responsibility with a Backpack. A good way to not only keep the kids engaged with packing but teach about responsibility is to put them in control of their own backpack. My kids got to pack that with whatever they wanted and they were responsible for carrying it on our travel days. This was great because it gave them a good sense of which toys to bring while also limiting it – since not everything will fit in a backpack!
  • Bags, bags, bags. I came back from travel obsessed with Ziplocs. Keep clean/dry ones on you at all times since they can be used for just about anything… wet bathing suits, snacks, toothbrushes, even a wallet! Literally everything. Also bring a few smaller bags that fold up tiny. We took three extra shopping bags and used those for beach bags, grocery shopping, carry-ons and weekend bags. They were hugely usable.
  • Bags, continued: Technology. In this day and age, what would we do without our technology?! Put together a “tech bag” to hold all chargers, portable speakers, wires, adapters, Chromecast… literally all of your technology. This will make it much easier to find what you need.
  • Leave the kitchen sink at home. Always remember you can buy anything, anywhere. Forget a toothbrush? That’s okay, you can buy another one. Suddenly cold outside? That’s okay, you can buy a sweatshirt. It’s so easy to get hung up on ‘having everything’. But the truth is is you can get most things around the world. So try not to stress too much about your packing being perfect.


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