Traveling with Kids: Eating Abroad

June 22, 2017

Molly Bellar is the VP of Creative and Marketing here at FabKids, and for part of last year she traveled the world with her family, including two kids in tow! They packed up and hit the road for six months, taking planes, trains, automobiles and more around Europe, Australia and New Zealand. This week on the blog we’ll be sharing tips from Molly about traveling with kids, to accompany our Summer Road Trip series taking place over on FabKids’ Instagram Stories.

Molly says:

Travel’s biggest adventure? The food. Also the biggest challenge if your kids are picky eaters.

What was your approach to food with the kids? My husband and I like to be more adventurous with the kids, but we made it work mostly. Our rule is, “you can’t say you don’t like something until you try it.” Then it’s ok to say you don’t want to eat it. So they would end up taking lots of small bites instead. If they didn’t like anything, they could fill up on bread or other things. I think that’s a good way to get them to start branching out.


Did you eat out a lot or buy groceries or cook or both? Both. Since we stayed in places for a week or more we always went to the market and filled the place up with food we love – you can find fruit, yogurt, pasta, crackers and French fries all over the place! We also went to local restaurants and tried the food.

 Tips for eating abroad without breaking the bank? Go out for one meal a day. Eat all others or at home. Pack lots of picnics. Only go out to a super expensive meal if you are on a date! Then you know you will eat it all 😉

Tips for avoiding hanger? Always carry a backpack that has snacks. Crackers, nuts, bananas, apples. ALWAYS.

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