Traveling with Kids: Adventure & Approach

June 24, 2017

Molly Bellar is the VP of Creative and Marketing here at FabKids, and for part of last year she traveled the world with her family, including two kids in tow! They packed up and hit the road for six months, taking planes, trains, automobiles and more around Europe, Australia and New Zealand. This week on the blog we’ll be sharing tips from Molly about traveling with kids, to accompany our Summer Road Trip series taking place over on FabKids’ Instagram Stories.

Molly says:

Travel is one of the best ways to learn about yourself, your family and culture.

What types of activities and adventures ended up being the kids favorites? I think we hit every zoo and aquarium in the world! Searching for animals was always a hit. Other than that, we did a lot of arts and crafts and read a ton of books together.


Was there anything that was tricky or that you would do differently? The hardest place for us with our kids was Paris and France in general really. As beautiful as that city is and as much as I personally loved the culture, it really has a different way with kids. I would recommend not going with little ones and instead save this special place until they are older.


What was it really like to travel the world with two kids in tow? I realized that I really had to let go of what I would normally assume to be the experience and accept that I was on family time. Once your preconceived notions aren’t there, it is a beautiful time. Even if it only lasts five minutes! You can also take turns and communicate with your partner if something is important to you so they can then take care of the kids outside while you get a few more minutes taking in the beauty around you.

You had a special approach to your trip and used the hashtag #traveldeeper. Tell us more!  Well, that hashtag is inspired by one of my favorite magazines – AFAR. I think in general, it’s good to take your time, experience new cultures and really soak it in. To talk to people, to learn about life there and to spend time with your family. It’s taking on that slowness of life, exploration of things off the beaten track, and acceptance of everything around you that really speaks to that hashtag. The world is a wonderful, complicated, beautiful place. To be able to learn about yourself, your family and different cultures in a deeper way is what it’s all about.

Did you have any mantras or reminders to help with morale if it started to dip or kids started to get cranky/nervous/etc.? Kids being cranky or falling apart or nervous is just part of the job. Ride the wave and it will be over soon. Tantrums always end. Sometimes in places you would rather not have to be at that time, but they pass. At which point you can give each other a hug, talk about the emotions, and move on to the next adventure.

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