Words of Wisdom from Moms We Love

June 1, 2017

When it comes to raising kids, they say it takes a village. The team at FabKids completely agrees. We’re moms too! That’s why we’re all about making mom’s life easier, not only when it comes to shopping for her kids clothes, but any chance we can share parenting advice or time-saving hacks.

You know what else we love? Moms supporting moms. That’s why we’re extra excited about the tips and tricks we have to share with you from some of the Moms We Love. Read on for some motherly wisdom from some of our BFFs.

On Being Prepared

If there’s one thing I’ve learned since becoming a mom, it’s to do things in advance whenever possible. This applies to almost everything: have your diaper bag packed, breakfast prepared, and their outfit laid out the night before because kids are unpredictable. As long as you’re prepared for any event, you can be sure that at least you won’t be the one scrambling in the middle of a meltdown. – Emily Schuman, Cupcakes & Cashmere

How a Compliment Can Go a Long Way

My boys choose their own outfits on most school days. In order to avoid horrid outcomes, I keep their wardrobe stocked with basic pieces that can easily be mixed and matched. On days that I choose their outfits, I let them know what I like about the outfit and why I think it goes together. That may be that the colors work well with one another, the boots look great with skinny jeans, etc. It may feel like they are not listening but, you would be surprised how much sticks. – Collette Wixom, Mini Style Hacker

On Bold Fashion Choices

Embrace your kids’ creativity and don’t be afraid to be bold when dressing little ones or letting them dress themselves. You can get away with much riskier fashion choices when it comes to kids. So, allow your kids to express themselves through their clothing. Both of my boys put together some outfits that look great on them but would look ridiculous on my husband. – Collette Wixom, Mini Style Hacker


Life Hack: Find Your Kids’ “Staple”

Figure out your child’s personal style, and what their personal staple is, and stick to it. Sometimes we might have to dress them up in something they don’t want to wear, but as long as you have their personal staple item readily available, be it a favorite pair of boots or that sweater they won’t let go of –then it’s easier to dress them for the day. – Mai Nguyen-Miyoshi, Zooey in the City

On Confidence

I was once told that children retain 1% of what you say and 99% of what you do. I believe that setting an example for how to dress is so important. So many moms claim to dress their children better than themselves, but honestly you are their mirror. They are looking at you all day and if you have pride in yourself they will see that. Clothes have a unique way of elevating your self-perspective. When you know you look good, you feel good. – Erin Ziering, At Home with the Zierings

How to Pull-Off Family Outfits

The perfect mommy & me or family outfits don’t have to be exactly the same. To pull off non-matchy family outfits, pick a common theme using color, accessories or trend. Your family will have a cohesive look as well as show their individual personalities. – Trina Small, The Baby Shopaholic

“Give a Man to Fish and You Feed Him for a Day…”

As a mom it’s always important to have easy-to-wear pieces for my kids that they can wear on their own. Not only does this make my life much easier, but it also teaches them how to be more independent and boosts their confidence. – Johnnybell Sanchez, NY Trendy Moms


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