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May 5, 2017

At FabKids, we know a mother’s work is never done, and we believe she deserves more than one day of celebration. That’s why we’re excited to celebrate moms all month long. We’re featuring Moms We Love, six women we admire for their approach to motherhood, life and, of course, fashion. The best part? Each mom shared her favorite styles from our May collection and why she loves the look.


Mom We ❤: Emily Schuman, Cupcakes & Cashmere

Emily is a blogger, author, founder of Cupcakes & Cashmere and mother to two-year-old Sloan. As long-time admirers of Cupcakes & Cashmere, it’s been a joy to follow along as Emily has grown her brand, designed a fashion line, released two books – best sellers nonetheless! – and, last but not least, become a mother to sweet little Sloan. The team at FabKids has always appreciated how Emily celebrates the little pleasures in life and inspires her readers through fashion, food, beauty and interior design. We love Emily’s feminine and effortless style, which she is clearly passing down to Sloan!



Why Emily Loves This Look

“Kids and toddlers aren’t the easiest to dress. My daughter is two years old and she is constantly moving and getting into messes. I love that this look is comfortable and moves with her. The ruffled denim shows off her chunky little arms, and the cute print on the leggings adds a bright touch that she’s happy crawling, running, and jumping in. You can tell from the photos how much she loves it.”


Mom We ❤: Collette Wixom, Mini Style Hacker

Collette, a mom to three boys, is the brains behind Mini Style Hacker, a blog that recreates affordable fashion-forward looks for kids that look almost identical to the fashion icons that inspired them. After realizing that the majority of the children deemed “most fashionable” were wearing designer brands that were simply unattainable for the masses, Collette began using her two young sons as models to recreate the looks of some of pop culture’s most recognizable men. She caught our attention when she went viral for hacking the looks of Ryan Gosling and Pharrell Williams. We’ve been following along ever since.

Why Collette Loves This Look

“My kids, like most others, love to be comfortable while fighting, getting dirty and incessantly requesting snacks. I love this look because it allows them to be crazy little boys, but they still look put together. The shorts are great because the shape, along with the rolled hem, gives them more style than a basic pair of sweat shorts. Grey’s shirt basically sums up his entire personality in one word…NOPE!”

Mom We ❤: Erin Ziering, At Home with the Zierings

Erin is a lifestyle, family, travel and fashion blogger. She’s one of our favorite fashionistas and mother to Mia and Penna. Not only do her girls love to dress identically, but they share a birthday, though born two years apart! For the past couple of years, Erin has been a great friend to FabKids, dressing her girls in adorable outfits as the family goes on fun adventures around Los Angeles and travels to exciting places like Palm Springs and Hawaii. We love Erin’s dedication to her family and her killer fashion sense!

Why Erin Loves This Look

“It is simple and classic. We can wear it anywhere, from poolside with flip flops at a resort to dinner in Hollywood. Mia said she felt like the girl from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and Penna said she looked fabulous in her glasses.”
Photo Apr 06 6 10 25 PMNEW

Mom We ❤: Mai Nguyen-Miyoshi, Zooey in the City

Mai is a blogger, social media consultant and mother to 5-year-old Zooey and newborn Amelie. Before she had kids, Mai was THE “It Girl” of Japan, known as Tokyo’s #1 Party Girl for her blog where she chronicled her nights on the town. Once Zooey was born, Mai brought her to events and fashion shows, where she mixed and mingled with celebrity fashion babies from Tokyo to Hollywood. Mai started Zooey in the City when Zooey was 3 and now chronicles Zooey’s life in and around LA. We love following cool girls and their fun adventures.

 Photo Apr 06 6 11 20 PMNEW

Why Mai Loves This Look

“Zooey loves wearing skirts recently, and styling this denim skirt with a yellow top and sandals gives off a summer beach vibe.”
fabkids 5NEW

Mom we ❤: Trina Small, The Baby Shopaholic

Trina is a self-proclaimed fashion-obsessed shopaholic and mom to two girls. Her blog Baby Shopaholic chronicles all of Trina’s adventures in fashion with her daughters in tow. We admire Trina’s approach to motherhood and style – as Trina says, “Being fab has no starting age.”

fabkids 4NEW

Why Trina Loves This Look

“I love this look because it reflects our boho style and is still functional. The ruffle shoulder trend is so sweet and fun! We also can’t get enough of Panama hats for spring and summer.”

Mom We ❤: Johnnybell Sanchez, NY Trendy Moms

Johnny is a mom of two girls and a blogger with a passion for fashion and beauty. A self-described adrenaline junkie, she is fearless, not only when it comes to skydiving and exhilarating outdoor activities, but with her bold, on-trend fashion choices, too. The team at FabKids loves how Johnny always rocks the latest trends with her mini-me’s!


Why Johnnybell Loves This Look

“I absolutely love the comfort, trendiness and kid-friendliness of these pieces. My daughters love that the outfits are comfortable and stylish so they can run, dance and simply be kids without a problem.”

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