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Tips for Teaching Your FabKid to Ride a Bike!

February 22, 2016
how to, bike, bicycle, teaching, kids, fabkids, rideabike, bike ride, family fun, spring activities, kids activities

how to, bike, bicycle, teaching, kids, fabkids, ride a bike, bike ride, family fun, spring activities, family activities, kids activities

Bike rides are one of our favorite warm weather activities!  We love getting the family together and taking a ride to the playground or for our favorite healthy snack.   If one of your FabKids hasn’t learned to ride a bike yet keep reading for our tips and tricks for teaching them to ride with ease.  And make sure that all your little ones can join in the fun this spring!


The right equipment is an important part of keeping your FabKid safe and comfortable when learning to ride.  Make sure to pick the correct size bike so that your rider always feels safe and in control.  A great tip for making sure the bike is the right fit is to check that your child can stand over the center “tube” of the bike with both feet firmly planted on the ground.

Also, be sure that your FabKid has a correctly fitting helmet.  A great rule of thumb is a well sized helmet should sit 1 inch above the eye-brows and doesn’t move more than one inch when pushed from the side.


Learning to ride a bike should be a fun and exciting rite of passage but no bike riding lesson is complete without a few tumbles.  Everyone falls the first time they ride a bike.  Don’t forget to remind your  new rider that falling is a part of life.  Also know when to stop. It’s important to take breaks but try to end any learning session on a good note and not right after a fall.  This will make it easier to get your FabKid back on the bike next time you decide to go for a ride.

how to, bike, bicycle, teaching kids, fabkids, rideabike, bike ride, family fun, spring activities, family activities, kids activities


Just like anything, learning to ride a bike is a process.  Start with going over how to balance on the bike by lowering the seat and having them balance the bike between their feet.  Then have them learn to move around on the bike without pedals.  After they’ve mastered these two skills move on to pedaling and stopping and then introduce turning.  The slower you go with each step the more comfortable and ready your little one will feel when they get to going on a real bike ride.


One of the most important steps that parents miss when teaching a new rider how to bike is an introduction to the bike.  While the parts of a bike seem pretty straightforward to us, your child (especially if they haven’t been riding with training wheels) might be intimidated by basic functions like the breaks. Make sure that you spend time getting them acquainted and comfortable with all parts of the bike.


Learning should always be fun! Cheer your FabKid on and offer rewards when necessary.   If your FabKid has older siblings get them involved to help keep your new rider going.   And most importantly, keep the end goal in mind. After all, once you learn, you never forget how to ride a bike!


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