Check Out The New FabKids Commercial!

December 4, 2015

Our new commercial is H E R E + cuter than ever!  Check out a real FabMom talking about how much she and her family love FabKids! It’s too adorable not too watch ❤️

It used to be hard to shop for you kid’s clothes, not anymore!  FabKids makes it easy on parents by styling outfits for you!

Meet the Olsons! Mom Jessica and her FabKids Madison and Jacob LOVE how FabKids makes them feel and how stylish they look when they head to school! Sparkle, awesome designs and comfort is what FabKids is all about! And of course kids will be kids…how cute are these kiddos talking about what a FabKid is below!


FabKids chatted and filmed a couple of other families as well! Meet them 🙂


This is the Moore family! Mom Joyce (a FabKids brand ambassador) and her kiddos Chase and Madison are always posting photos of themselves in FabKids! They love the new designs every month and how confident the outfits make them feel!


The Manio family had some fun drawing in between takes! Mom April and FabKids Angeliah and Elijah are fans of mixing and matching the different pieces in FabKids outfits. It makes getting ready in the morning so much fun!

This is Elijah’s favorite FabKids Tee 🙂 The ‘Cool Tunes Headphone Tee‘ — perfect for band practice or recess :p
drawing 4

The Paradise family had a blast on set! Mom Ami and her two Fab Boys, Jack and Luke are big fans of FabKids because with the affordable price tag, Ami can stock up on the boys favorite tees (since you can never have too many for rough and tumble boys)!


Jack drew his favorite tee (also the ‘Cool Tunes Headphone Tee‘) below!

picture 3

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