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4 Tips For Traveling With Kids During The Holidays

November 20, 2015

Traveling with kids can be difficult during an already stressful travel season.  We have some tips for how to travel with your kids and have a great holiday season!

  1. Plan your departure date accordingly.  Two days before a major holiday is the worst day to be on the road.  If you have to leave that day, try to leave as early in the morning as possible.  The kids can sleep in the back while you grab a cup of coffee and hit the road.
  2. Invest in the best travel gear.  Make sure the kids have a comfy car seat and blanket for the ride to make sure they’re super comfy the whole journey.  As for moms and dads, pack a neck pillow and a good book (maybe some earplugs too).
  3. Bring the best toys.  The kids are less likely to complain about being bored if they have their favorite toys with them during the car ride.  Bring Legos, Barbies, coloring books, or whatever your kids desire.  Be sure to bring a lap tray for them to keep their toys on during the trip!
  4. Pack enough snacks and drinks.  Bring some of you kids’ favorite snacks for the trip.  Whole grains and proteins fill them up for longer periods of time.  Grab some sliced fruit and veggies and a couple of “treats” for when you hit that inevitable holiday traffic.thanksgiving blog image 2

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