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Foodstirs Autumn Loaf Leaf Cake

November 4, 2015

Simply Delicious! It’s fall and this season is about spending time with family and friends. Entertaining is a big focus for most families over the next few months.

FoodstirsOct15_1040Our Autumn Loaf Leaf Cake is a yummy, handmade cake to serve your guest’s in the morning with coffee or as an additional holiday dessert to serve for one of your upcoming gatherings . This special cake mixes yummy vanilla flavors with hand painted leaves to embellish this classic loaf. This kit includes the Foodstirs custom Vanilla Cake Mix and Organic Vanilla Frosting, recycled loaf pan, leaf stencils, natural orange dye, and a paintbrush.


It’s time to create your masterpiece!

FoodStirs  Foodstirs foodcrafting kits & premium baking mixes are a unique & wholesome cooking experience for the family. Follow @foodstirs on social media & be sure to share your creations by tagging #foodstirs. Get busy & stir up some fun!

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