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FabKids Loves Holiday Season!

November 12, 2015

When it comes to shopping for the holidays, I have 2 criteria: 1) The dress has to be something that my girls can wear again and 2) that it’s unique. It usually takes me awhile to decide on the color palette and style for my girls, which is also why I’m thinking about this in October. 


I probably fuss over holiday clothing more than others, but I also get really into the styling part of the whole process. I always look forward to the holiday collection from FabKids because I’m guaranteed to find something that you won’t find anywhere else at the same great price. I also learned that you need to act fast— and maybe on impulse—from the holiday collection. The popularity of some dresses is so great that they sell out or have limited quantities in just a few days.  If you can’t get it out of your head, you know you want it.

I already got a head start with my eldest Fab Kid who chose the black velvet lace dress for her monthly outfit. Even though I’m pretty sure I’m not going to do black again this year, I know my daughter will wear it a lot. For my middle daughter, I selected 2 blue dresses (I just couldn’t decide)- the Enchantment Dress and Tight Twilight Outfit. Both speak to her personality and even though she’s not typically a blue girl, she absolutely adores them! (See below for my notes on each). I haven’t decided on a color palette yet for the girls, but I have plenty of inspiration from the holiday collection. Below are my top picks:

Red Holiday Party Outfit – This is the outfit that my eldest picked out this month. She wore it with a pair of green leggings (from FabKids) and the Star Cutout Flat (shown below).


Enchantment Dress – This reminds me of Clara from the Nutcracker and is even more enchanting in person. The dress hits just above the ankle and fits comfortably. I’m not sure if the ballet inspiration is intentional, but it absolutely inspired my daughter to dance!W7IMBD1wJri7PaHzHPpgQCgZSKRB5zaMTbYIY_IXhP8,sCJR21HjCMX9iWP-qRLcsw3M_bJoHVTCPwU-llsImP4,mkuFzslCpkLZJ80z9f3oX9TeG736YuPMhjbLE0EZe6M

Tight Twilight Outfit – This is so adorable and so perfect for New Year’s! The drop waist gives it a hint of retro, while the celestial print and ruffled shoulders makes it sweet and playful.


AUTHOR BIO: Hilary Morris balances her role as mom of 3 girls with her own social media consulting business. Her love of fashion, as well as her daughters’ natural ability for coordinating unlikely colors & patterns, inspired the launch of her kids fashion blog AFancyGirlMust. She also is a Child Star Style contributor to HollywoodMomBlog. Hilary can often be found on Instagram giving a peek into her world of favorite local spots, recent craft projects, new recipes, fashion finds, and three little loves.

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Hilary Morris
Hilary Morris

Love seeing my girls pop up in my feed. My eldest has worn her black dress a ton! She loves it!