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A Style Guide: 3 Cute Prints to Try!

August 24, 2015

Sometimes, we get so comfortable with our personal styles that we forget to take fashion risks every now and then! How about trying some bold prints? Amp up your Fabkid’s closet with these colorful and bold selections. No matter the season, a stylish fit is sure to impress…Step out of your comfort zone, and let us know what fashion risks you’re taking!

1. Squares
Staying cute and comfy is a must. This Pixel Skater Dress is super soft, and screams fun and fabulous all over! Your Fabkid will be turning heads with this flared multi-color square-print dress.

2. Polka-dots
Your Fabkid won’t stop twirlin’ in this fab fit! Polka-dots are a timeless print that’ll never go out of style. Try this Color Fun Tutu Dress, which features a cotton racerback print top paired with a fun three-layered tutu skirt.

3. Hearts
Spread the love! This Heart Fit & Flare Dress is filled with colorful hearts everywhere! Featuring a 3/4ths sleeve along with a contrast zipper, your little one will be staying stylish all year long in this fit.

Which of these dresses is next on your Fabkid’s must-try list? 🙂

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The color fun tutu dress was a HUGE hit!  It's so colorful & adorable.  My 5 year old wants to wear it daily.  Good thing I binge shop on Fabkids so she has lots of other options she wants to get through. ;)