Baby Shower DIY: Crafting a Creative Art Canvas

August 26, 2015

If you’re ever in charge of planning a shower of any kind – baby or bridal – one thing that is usually on the list is an activity to keep people busy. It’s always good to have a few options, especially since one of the new, growing trends is for people to bring gifts unwrapped (as indicated by the phrase “Please be a dear, and wrap in clear.”) rather than watch the honoree open everything.

I recently attended and helped contribute to the planning of my step-sister’s baby shower. There were 4 of us who were going to be attending, and so we were all happy to help relieve the stress that was on the shoulders of her twin, who had just started at an amazing job.

I had already been thinking about making a custom canvas piece for the baby’s room, with the help of my girls, since we have already been dong art work for my own house together (click here to see some of our masterpieces from past seasons), and I thought it would be nice to have a piece of family hanging in his room. While we were all brainstorming via text (group texts are our norm when you have a gazillion siblings and inlaws) it dawned on me that this custom art piece would be the perfect activity for the guests to do. I already had in mind  to paint the canvas blue and then use fish shaped stamps and white paint to create the design.IMG_2501_2

At first I looked for large fish stamps to purchase, but didn’t find exactly what I needed. Through a little DIY trial and error, the best stamp was with a Dollar Store eraser sponge. I found that a regular sponge didn’t give me a solid shape finish; the magic eraser didn’t have the porous holes that a sponge does. Since the process was fairly simple (my girls were going to be the ones doing it), it wouldn’t be too intimidating for anyone to try. After someone stamped the fish, they then used a black marker and wrote a personalized note on the back. It turned out great and will now be a memorable piece of art for the baby’s room. Here’s how to do it:


– White canvas in whatever size you like— The bigger the canvas, the bigger the stamp

– Acrylic paint in your color theme (I used Liquitex Acrylic Color in Ultramarine Blue)

– Dollar Store eraser sponge with the blue scrub layer

– Black permanent marker

– Disposable plate


1) Paint your canvas with the color you chose for your background and let dry. Make sure to paint the edges as well.

2) Cut your sponge to your desired shape and size. I used a steak knife for a precise shape. When I used scissors, it was harder to achieve clean round edges.IMG_2502_2

3) Test out your sponge on a separate surface to see how much paint you will need. Dip the sponge in the paint and dab it to remove any paint globs.

4) Press the sponge in the location you want and press gently on all side. Gently peel the sponge to reveal your shape.

5) Take the marker and write you message on the back.

6) Let dry and then send home with the recipient.

An alternative to this project is that you can do the stamping ahead of time in the desired pattern you wish and then have guests write their message within the shapes at the shower. Either way, you’ve just given a gift that will bring back loving memories as the years go on.


AUTHOR BIO: Hilary Morris balances her role as mom of 3 girls with her own social media consulting business. Her love of fashion, as well as her daughters’ natural ability for coordinating unlikely colors & patterns, inspired the launch of her kids fashion blog AFancyGirlMust. She also is a Child Star Style contributor to HollywoodMomBlog. Hilary can often be found on Instagram giving a peek into her world of favorite local spots, recent craft projects, new recipes, fashion finds, and three little loves.

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