5 Ways To Keep Your Kids Safe In The Sun

July 30, 2015

Summer is the time of year when the sun’s rays are strongest and while we all love a little ‘Fun In The Sun‘, FabKids is here to help provide some tips and tricks for being ‘sun smart‘ and keeping your young ones happy and healthy all summer long!

1. Limit Outdoor Play Time During Peak Sun Hours: The sun’s rays are strongest from 10am – 4pm so be sure to be conscious and limit the amount of time your FabKid stays outdoors during that time frame.

2. Apply Sunscreen The Right Way: This may seem like an easy 1,2,3 process, but the way sunscreen is most effective, is if it is applied 30 minutes before heading outside and it is important to pick a sunscreen with SPF of 15 or higher (the higher the SPF, the stronger the protection)! Be sure to apply sunscreen generously to your FabKid and even a SPF lip balm to prevent chapped or dry lips!

3. Cover Up: Wearing protective clothing and accessories like a cover up, hat or sunglasses will help protect your FabKids on those hot and sunny summer days at the beach or park. If you are heading to the beach, be sure to bring a long a large umbrella!

4. Keep A Watchful Eye On Medications: If your FabKid takes any medications normally, it is important to keep in mind if they have any reactions while out in the sun. If you aren’t sure about the side effects, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

5. Lead By Example: Practice safe sun care yourself so you can be an example for your FabKids 🙂

Do you have any tips for being safe in the sun? Comment Below 🙂

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