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Spring Cleaning Your Little One’s Room

April 24, 2015

With the warm breezes floating in the air and the colorful cherry blossoms slowly unfolding we are reminded about the meaning of spring – to embrace a new start to the season with a fresh clear mind. For me, spring has always been about cleaning and de-cluttering and the best place to start is in your home.

I’ll admit, I’m one of those moms that get overly excited when it comes to cleaning, rearranging and purging. Nothing beats the feeling of a clean crisp home, especially when you worked hard to create and clean the space. I’ve tried several different methods of spring-cleaning and I wanted to share with you what has worked best, especially for cleaning and de-cluttering your little one’s room.

Tackle one room at a time.

I’ve managed to spring-clean our entire home in one day and found that it just wasn’t worth the stress. Unless I’m alone in the house for ten hours, which is never going to happen, it’s too big of a task for a single day. Instead, I tackle one room at a time. It takes me one to two hours per room (depending on how big the project) and then I can spend the rest of the day with my family.

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Get organized.

Before I even get started I grab all the supplies I need to take on each room in an efficient manner. I bring three large containers with me; one for trash, one for donating items and one for things going into storage. I always have my cleaning bin with paper towels, rags and cleaning products on hand so I can wipe down dressers, baseboards and shelves as I move along.


The key to getting organized is to simplify. This means packing away clothes that are out of season and getting rid of clothes that are too small or too worn. But what about those precious items that you just can’t part with? I select a few meaningful garments (holiday attire, first pair of shoes, handmade clothing) and I keep those items in a labeled storage bin in the basement. I also hold onto clothes that are in good condition and can be handed down and keep those in a separate labeled bin.

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Another part of simplifying is getting rid of the items that you just don’t need. Do you really need an entire toy box dedicated to balls? Does your son really wear all of the t-shirts that are packed into three drawers? While I’m always hesitant to get rid of books we have a rule in our house: when a new book comes home an old one leaves. I also try to apply that rule to toys. When our “keep” toy pile is too overwhelming I take half the toys and store them away in a labeled bin. Then a couple months down the road we switch out the toys.

Let your little one help.

Once the items in the room have been sorted, passed along or stored away it is time to organize. This is a great time to each your little one the basics of organization and how to maintain a clean room. Get down to their level and see how they view their room. When all the toys and books have a home, clean up should be easy since your little one knows where they go. We are huge fans of baskets and use them to organize our different toys. This keeps it simple for the kids and there is no reason they can’t help when it comes to clean up time because everything has a designated place. However, I have found that a book shelve, a desk and a dirty clothes hamper are staples in each of my children’s rooms.

Enjoy and maintain.

We have a daily routine, before bedtime, when we set the timer for 5 minutes and everyone does a quick clean up of his or her room. In fact, this nightly ritual has even turned into a game of who can clean their room the fastest. When we jump into bed we have a feeling of accomplishment and we get to wake up to a clean room. Now if only I could get my kids to make their bed every morning!

AUTHOR BIO: Elizabeth Jacob is a freelance writer and Copy Editor for Babiekins Magazine. You can also find her documenting the small details of her life on her personal blog, Yellow Finch. She is a writer, an amateur photographer and, first and foremost, a wife and mother of three beautiful children. Her day-to-day details include writings on simple living, positive parenting, travel, food and more. You can follow her on TwitterInstagramPinterest, and her blog.


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