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Fun DIY Easter Egg Decor You’ll Love

April 4, 2015

Have you run out of egg decorating ideas for your annual Easter egg hunt? Fret not! We’re sharing 4 of our favorite eggs-tremely easy ways to decorate Easter eggs.

Temporary Tattoo Eggs

What You Need:
– temporary tattoos
– hard boiled eggs
– water
– sponge

1. Lay the tattoo face down on the egg.
2. With the sponge, apply water to the back of the tattoo. Be sure to press all of the edges down and ensure that the entire tattoo it wet.
3. Allow the tattoo to stay pressed against the egg for about 30 seconds.
4. Unpeel the tattoo and reveal your masterpiece.

Confetti Covered Eggs

What You Need:
– hard boiled eggs
– hole puncher
– colored papers or card stock
– craft glue

1. Punch confetti circles from your paper using the hole punch (you may want to pre-cut the paper so that it will be less time consuming for your little ones).
2. Glue the small circles to the eggs using the craft glue.
3. Allow the glue to fully dry before using. If you plan to eat them, be sure to put them in the refrigerator.

Sharpie Doodle Eggs

What You Need:
– hard boiled eggs
– sharpies

1. Use sharpie pens/markers to draw on hard boiled eggs.

Glow In The Dark Eggs

What You Need:
– large plastic Easter eggs
– glow stick bracelets

1. Wrap the glow stick around one finger, stuff it in one side of the egg.
2. Fill the egg with candy and then close.

image via uncommondesignsonline, obviouslysweet, richmondmom, hip2save

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