Adorable DIY Fairy Princess Headband

April 2, 2015

My girls love playing dress up in anything that twirls—whether it’s their FabKids dresses or hand-me-down dance recital costumes. Lately, their preferred choice of costumes are more like long gowns, and they pretend to be princesses on their coronation or wedding day.

Since we don’t have any hair accessories among our collection, I thought it wold be fun to make fairy princess headbands. I tested the idea out on my middle daughter on the car ride home from school one day. I knew I didn’t really need to ask if she would want to do it since acting like a ballerina princess is just part of her daily routine. But the mention of ribbon and beads kind of sealed the deal. I also thought the addition of a headband would transport their pretend-play to whatever magical kingdom or fairy land they wish. My interpretation of the fairy headband certainly might differ from yours; it’s really just a matter of what materials you have or want to use. The important thing is that it only takes a few minutes to turn your girls into princesses.

diy princess crown

If you were to Google “fairy headband” or “princess headband,” you’d probably see flowers across the crown, but I had an abundance of pony beads in a myriad of princess colors that served as decent substitutes. The crown is made from pipe-cleaners since they can easily mold to the head and are often used for beading projects. As the final touch, I added a train of ribbon, giving it a bit of a Medieval princess look.

Shortly after we made the headbands, I received the Pink Princess Outfit which is very similar to the Ice Princess Outfit (one of our favorites). The ruffles of the pink dress reminded me of flower petals, and when paired with the headband (and an oversized flower accessory), completed the garden-inspired look, which is very popular in childrenswear for spring 2015. If you have any fairy or garden-themed birthday parties coming up, this would be a great activity to keep kids busy and give them something to inspire make-believe.


  • 2 silver pipe cleaners
  • An assortment of pony beads
  • A large roll of ribbon (about 1/4″ thick or less) in any color


  1. Twist together the pipe cleaners at about 1/4″ from the ends (you want your pipe cleaner to be as long as possible to fit around your child’s head).
  2. Start beading the pipe cleaner with whatever combination of colors of you like. The beads will stop at the middle of the pipe cleaner where you attached it. That will serve as a nice center of the headband that you can pinch into a V-shape.
  3. When you’ve finished beading your headband, measure it on your child’s head and secure the ends of the pipe cleaner.
  4. Cut about 5-7 strips of ribbon. We used the length of my daughter’s arm as a benchmark to make the measuring easier.
  5. Tie all the ribbon to the back of your headband where the 2 ends were twisted together.
  6. Lay the headband on your child’s head. Pinch the back to make another V-shape so that the ribbon lays flat and the headband become more secure to your child’s head.

Side project: Grab an extra pipe cleaner and cut a few extra strips of ribbon. If you have some tissue paper, cut strips of that as well. Attach the ribbon & tissue paper to the tip of the pipe cleaner by folding the tip down over the ends and twisting to secure. Now you have a fairy princess wand! (I made this for my daughter’s Frozen-themed birthday last year and used the action of waving the wand to signify the ice and snow coming out of Elsa’s hands. The kids believed it!)


AUTHOR BIO: Hilary Morris balances her role as mom of 3 girls with her own social media consulting business. Her love of fashion, as well as her daughters’ natural ability for coordinating unlikely colors & patterns, inspired the launch of her kids fashion blog AFancyGirlMust. She also is a Child Star Style contributor to HollywoodMomBlog. Hilary can often be found on Instagram giving a peek into her world of favorite local spots, recent craft projects, new recipes, fashion finds, and three little loves.

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