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Organization Tips for Parents: Calendaring & Scheduling

March 10, 2015

The life of an active parent is always moving. Whether it’s school events, sporting events or family life; organization is key to helping you seamlessly do it all.

As “spring cleaning” often leads us to organizing and re-organizing our lives and the things around us; I will be providing a three part series with helpful organization tips and hacks to help keep you fabulously organized. Our first installment will focus on scheduling and calendaring. An essential to keeping everything organized is keeping a good schedule…or three. I am a very visual person, so I like to have something that I can see and work through, but I also like having a “pocket” version of everything too. There are some great mobile apps for both iPhone and Android that are great calendaring hacks.

Google Calendar

If you have a Gmail account; Google Calendar is great for keeping multiple schedules. It offers color coding events, added event detail and there are both mobile and desktop version that sync and allow you to have your calendar right at your fingertips. Google Calendar also syncs easily with iCal for all those Apple users (iPhone,iPad,iPod) out there. But never fear Android users, you can find the Google Calendar app on Google Play as well.

Reminder Binder

There are also some great calendars for those who prefer pen and paper. My personal favorite is the My 17-Month Reminder Binder (Driftwood Stationary). It’s a great personal calendar to keep track of varying schedules and appointments for your busy family. I love that it has a sticker for just about everything and is an extended 17-month calendar that includes a “Stock It Pocket” to hold coupons, vouchers, flyers, greeting cards and receipts. I call it one of my mom-essentials, but it’s not just for moms, dads can use it too.

Bulletin Board

Another helpful calendaring hack is using a bulletin board to display a weekly calendar in a focal meeting place in your home. You can find an easy and inexpensive way to do this by being a bit crafty (or knowing someone who is). Corkboard can be found at relatively any hardware store and getting a bit of fabric to cover it, gives it a decorative feel. Then simply use the board to display everyone’s activities for the week. This can be done in many different ways, with younger kids pictures may work best for the activities, then adding words as you teach them to read. Below is an example of this concept used for a chore chart. You can also purchase dry erase calendars, if you don’t prefer to make the full board on your own.

-LeAndrea V., FabMom

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