Valentine’s Day DIY: Tissue Paper Flowers In a Vase

February 4, 2015

The clock is ticking! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. There’s still time to get some shopping done, and there is most definitely enough time for some valentine crafts!

If you need to add some love (and red and pink and hearts) to your home, I have a solution that the kids can make and can be incorporated into your regular décor.

For every season and most holidays, I’ve been using the mantelpiece in our home as my place to show off my design aesthetic. It’s like a blank canvas to be creative. I always start with my Simon Pearce glass vase as the focal point and go from there.

For Halloween, I used black roses and branches with spiders, Thanksgiving I had fall hydrangea and metallic branches, and for Christmas I used ivory hydrangea with touches of silver glitter. I decided to skip a winter theme in favor of the more colorful palette of Valentine’s Day. I had also just completed an art project with the girls for the holiday and wanted to add another piece of décor to the home.

What’s different about this centerpiece, however, is that we made tissue paper “hydrangea” and used other craft supplies from our current collection. Keep reading to see how it came together.


  • A vase
  • Decorative branches from any craft store
  • Tissue paper in Valentine’s Day colors
  • Construction paper in Valentine’s Day colors
  • Jewels with adhesive backs
  • Markers (optional)
  • Pipe cleaner—brown probably makes most sense, but I just used what I had, which was silver.
  • Scissors
  • Tape


1. Start by putting your branches in the vase so you can see how much space you’re working with.

2. Next, make the flowers. You’ll need about 3 pieces of large tissue paper that you will then cut in half to make 6 smaller pieces (You can have anywhere between 5-7 smaller pieces for a nice ball-shape flower). Follow the steps shown below to create your flower. Use the accordion folding method and then secure the middle with your pipe cleaner. Since hydrangea have round petals, cut rounded edges on either side of your tissue paper folds. Then slowly start to separate the tissue paper layers so you have a flower ball when you’re done. Put them to the side.

3. Next, you’re going to cut out heart shapes to attach to your branches. Either cut the shapes by free-hand, or fold your paper in half and draw a half heart along the fold line (see below). Cut your shape to have a symmetric heart. Use the adhesive jewels and/or markers to decorate your hearts.

valentines day craft

4. Using small pieces of tape, attach your hearts towards the top of the branches. Keep the bottom half nearest to the top of the vase free to attach the flowers.

5. Once you have your hearts attached, grab your flowers and twist them to the branches so they are resting on the vase (see below).

6. Lastly, if you have a glass vase and want to add a little extra flair, toss the cut scraps from the tissue paper in the vase. Looks a little like streamers. You can always fill that candy hearts, glass hearts (the kind you would use in a vase for decoration), or any small décor.

And that’s it!


How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day with the kids? Share your ideas in the comments!


AUTHOR BIO: Hilary Morris balances her role as mom of 3 girls with her own social media consulting business. Her love of fashion, as well as her daughters’ natural ability for coordinating unlikely colors & patterns, inspired the launch of her kids fashion blog AFancyGirlMust. She also is a Child Star Style contributor to HollywoodMomBlog. Hilary can often be found on Instagram giving a peek into her world of favorite local spots, recent craft projects, new recipes, fashion finds, and three little loves.

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I want to try to make a vase for each season. I think it would be easy to take the materials from the Valentine's vase and use it to create a theme for other holidays, too. I would love to do this activity with my nieces as well - about how long does it take to complete the project?