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Budget-Friendly Organization Tips for a Happy Home

February 20, 2015

Having three children ages 8, 6 and 5 means our house is full of love… and clutter!

I start cleaning our house from the bottom up, and I can get everything done pretty quickly, until I get upstairs to the kids’ rooms. My boys are the eight and five year olds, and their cleanup routine is pretty easy. Clothes go here, toys go there, done. My daughter’s room, however, is more complicated. She has such a variety of interests and collections, and it seems like she has new ideas as to how to arrange her toys every week. Here are a few ways we helped her organize her treasures:

First, I realized I needed additional storage space in her room. I used wooden bed risers to raise her bed a couple more inches off the ground. This gave me just the room I needed to fit a few different kinds of underbed storage boxes. One has extra bed linens, and the clear plastic bins keep some of her stuffed animals. She can easily see what she has if there is a particular friend she’s looking for, the bins keep them cleaner than if they were on her bed or in a net on the wall, and it helps keep the room feeling much less cluttered since they aren’t visible. I also found a wood stool that easily slides under her bed to help her climb up the extra couple of inches.

My daughter loves to work on craft projects. While I love her creativity, I don’t love how unorganized her craft table can become or how things can quickly end up all over the floor. I repurposed an over-the-door shoe caddy from my closet that I no longer needed and turned it into a supply organizer. The pouches are big enough that she can easily get her hand in to reach whatever she needs. I can keep messier items such as glue and markers in higher pouches (away from her younger brother), and she can organize and reorganize what goes in which pocket as much as she wants. It’s also very handy if we need to do a quick pick up for unexpected visitors – I just toss the odds and ends in the pockets, and leave her door open – no one can see the mess hanging behind it!

Another interest of hers that creates a lot of clutter is her doll collection. She loves to dress and play with her dolls but kept losing parts of outfits or shoes. My husband had a great idea to make her a doll closet, and it was a fun way for them to spend a Saturday. Her furniture is white, so they started with a single white kitchen cabinet from the local home improvement store. Then, she picked a drawer pull to match the one on her dressers to be the door knob. She also chose wall decals to decorate the front to match the theme of her room. I liked this idea better than painting a design on the front because she can change it later. Hubby took the shelf and screwed in two hooks from the bottom. Then he measured and cut a dowel rod and painted it white, and set it in the hooks. We bought doll clothes hangers to hang from the rod, and soon the doll closet was organized! This has added another dimension to her doll play, and another way to keep her room less cluttered!

So, with a little bit of time and a small budget, we were able to reduce most of the clutter in my daughter’s room. It went from being the last place I wanted to clean to one of my favorite rooms in our house in one weekend!

-Jessica A., FabMom

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