Apple coffee cake

My slow cooker has always saved me a ton of time and has solved the proverbial ‘what are we eating?’ dilemma. On school mornings breakfast is always on the run, so I made my version of a Slow Cooker Apple Coffee Cake to get my kid’s day started off right! Did you know you can ‘bake’ cake in a slow cooker?


Summer is almost over and it is officially back-to-school time! The beginning of the year can be very daunting with new schedules and additional activities for the family to adjust to.

Mommy & Me Style

One of the great things about having kids is all the adorable clothes you can buy them and if you so choose you can even match your kids! I have 5 girls and I have definitely enjoyed putting them in matching clothes, it is just too cute when they all have the same adorable dress on.


There are so many emotions involved with going back to school, such as excitement, nervousness, anxiousness. So, show your kids that you think they are awesome with breakfast in bed on the first day of school (or any day throughout the year)!

peach recipes

Did you know that August is National Peach Month? I’m particularly ecstatic about this because I’m a total peach-lover! My family grew peach trees in our backyard and I spent many childhood days picking delicious and juicy peaches from our trees. 

working mom

As a single parent who works 40 hours a week and just finished up my Masters of Science, life can seem to be somewhat of a juggling act. With a very social and active 5 year old, having a good work-life balance is key to keeping up (and keeping sane).


With back to school here, that doesn’t mean it’s time to put the crafty diy projects away. It’s still warm outside and will be for the next few months. One of our most favorite activities is using chalk. This summer though, I decided to get creative with my kids and we made Sidewalk Paint together.