This is my first summer with school age kids and I’m completely blown away at how much faster it’s flying by than summers in the past. I literally feel like it was just the last day of school and stores are already filled with supplies for this year!

cereal notebook2

If your kids are anything like mine, they run through paper notebooks like they breathe air! In order to save a little money and spend more time with my kids, I decided to make homemade notebooks. Follow the simple steps below and I’ll show you how to create cute notebooks for school.


Kids grow up so fast! My four year-old son, My four year-old son, Elias, will be starting preparatory kindergarten this fall. If you are at all like me, when your child starts school you don’t want to forget what stage of life they are in. Because I want to remember his special day, I thought it would be fun to start a new yearly tradition in our family. And maybe you will too!


These fab back-to-school DIYs are super easy and will be an awesome way to spend time with your kids this summer. Also, you may find yourself saving a few bucks on back-to-school supplies. So, have fun, get creative and keep the kids busy this summer with these fabulous back-to-school crafts.

summer activities

Kids are on summer break and they shouldn’t be cooped up inside! It won’t be hard to convince your kids to get outside and play with our list of fun ideas. In fact, we think it’ll be hard to convince them to come back indoors!


My daughter Lillian loves a good party, so when it comes to her birthday it’s go big or go home. Every year around Christmas, I have her pick a theme and for the next 6 months, I work to plan out the details and make her party exactly what she would like.


The Nail Art craze has given new meaning to accessorizing. Every color imaginable has been bottled as a cleverly named nail polish shade, and textiles are turning up as patterns and prints on peel-and-stick nail designs.

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A good breakfast is the kick start to a great day and in the fast-paced world of parenting getting our ever growing little ones off to a great start every day can come with some quirks. From food allergies to food aversion, sometimes just getting a healthy well-balanced breakfast in each morning can seem like conquering Mt. Everest. Here are a few fun tips and recipes I use with my own FabKid Lillian, my niece and nephews!