peanut butter healthy food

As parents we spend a great deal of time on the important task of feeding our kids. From meal planning to grocery shopping to creative snack preparation we go above and beyond for them.


We all know how much joy it is to become a mom — words can’t really explain all the spontaneity, excitement and maturity that come with parenting, but we also know that there are moments that pass by when we become, well, buried. 

easter dinner guide

Easter is the perfect time to play hostess in the new year. Gather your loved ones and dust off your apron because we have a perfect, no-fail Easter dinner menu that will have your guests raving until, well, next Easter!


“There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all.” – Jacqueline Kennedy. As a book worm that was raised to delight in books this quote from the former first lady resonates with me.

cleaning blog

As our wonderful kids continue to grow one of the fun parts for us as parents is to be able to teach our children to be responsible. I’ve enjoyed this piece of parenting as it actually is a dual gift in some ways.

black bean brownie

I don’t know about you, but I get a bit of a sneaky thrill when my girls don’t realize when some of their favorite foods were made with not-so-typical ingredients. Like black beans in brownies for instance.

girl scout cookie recipe

Sick of eating Girl Scout cookies? Of course you aren’t! But if you’re getting a little bored of eating them straight out of their colorful little boxes, here are some alternative ways to eat Girl Scout cookies.

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If you’ve seen our latest TV commercials, you know how talented our FabKids can be! We couldn’t fit all the awesomeness into a 30 second spot so catch an exclusive backstage look featuring all the FabKids!